General session

Speaker: Commissioner Kent Sullivan

Prosecuting insurance fraud
Speaker: Kyson Johnson

Learn about the types of fraudulent insurance acts, applicable laws, evidence gathering techniques, and how to identify trends or behaviors that may warrant criminal investigation.

Harvey panel discussion
Speakers: Melissa Hield, Brian Ryder, Elijio Salas, Stephanie Goodman

Learn about key elements of the agency’s response to Hurricane Harvey and the catastrophic flooding that followed. The session will include presentations about consumer complaint trends, the Texas Department of Insurance’s data call, agent and adjuster licensing, and communication efforts.

Breakout session 1

Health insurance legislative update
Speaker: Rachel Bowden

Learn about Affordable Care Act issues affecting Texas, review health-related bills from the 85th Texas Legislature, and examine interim charges that Texas house and senate committees are considering for the 86th legislative session.

Data security law and cybersecurity
 Carole Cearley

Explore recent developments in privacy and cybersecurity related to insurance regulations, focusing on the National Association of Insurance Commissioner’s Insurance Data Security Model Law and the Texas perspective.

Enforcement trends and data
Rachel Cloyd, Leah Gillum, Ginger Loeffler, Mandy Meesey, and Beverly Rosendahl

Learn about the Enforcement Section’s general case process, trends, and suggestions and practice tips for entities involved in enforcement cases.

Property and casualty insurance legislative update
 Marianne Baker and J’ne Byckovski

Discuss recent legislation, Texas Department of Insurance rules, and current issues affecting the property and casualty insurance industry.

Breakout session 2

Market conduct and analysis
Ignatius Wheeler and Matt Tarpley

Get an overview of examination efforts for market conduct. Learn about common compliance issues noted on recent examinations.

Life insurance and annuity hot topics
 Philip Reyna

Learn about trends, proposed rules that might affect life insurance and annuity form filings, and how to avoid negative results on exempt filings.

Consumer Protection’s complaint process and case studies
 Latif Almanzan and Chris Herrick

Learn about the complaint resolution process, the volume and variety of complaints, best practices to avoid complaints, and tips for responding to the Texas Department of Insurance.

Property and casualty filings
 J’ne Byckovski, Kimberly Donovan, Jeff Hunt, and David Muckerheide

Learn about filing withdrawal and restriction plans and form and rate filings.

Breakout session 3

Open forum: rate and form review
 John Carter, Sandra Dodson, Essi Eargle, Sean Fry, Dewayne Matthews, Kevin Monroe, and Dannette Smith

Discuss rate and form review issues and processes for accident and health, HMO, life insurance, annuities, life settlements, and advertising.

MCQA certifications and network adequacy requirements
 Debra Diaz-Lara and Rita Martinez

Get information about the network adequacy requirements for Health Maintenance Organizations, Preferred Provider Benefit Plans, and Exclusive Provider Benefit Plans.

Agent and adjuster licensing rules and updates
Mike Carnley, Ann King, Kathy Pavlicek, and Lewis Wright

Get an overview of the agent and adjust licensing office, including application filings, the call center, the continuing education program, business development responsibilities, and legislative initiatives.

Property and casualty insurance legislative update
Marianne Baker and J’ne Byckovski

Discuss recent legislation, Texas Department of Insurance rules, and issues affecting the property and casualty insurance industry.


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