Designated Doctor and MMI/IR Required Certification Training


  • Hilton Austin Airport Hotel offers parking for all training participants at a discounted rate.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does this training offer continuing education credits?
Answer: MDs, DOs, and DCs will earn CME credits attending this two-day training. Please note that effective September 1, 2015 the Division of Workers’ Compensation will no longer offer required CME hours for chiropractors attending the Designated Doctor and Maximum Medical Improvement/Impairment Rating Training. You may contact Ceclie Norton at (512) 804-4253 if you have questions about CME for this training.
Question: Where/how do I take the test to certify/recertify?
Answer: Designated & Certified MMI/IR Doctor Testing Homepage
Question: Where do I find other training opportunities for Designated Doctors?
Answer: Designated Doctor Events & Training Calendar
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