The event will be held at the;

State Of Texas Surplus Property | 6506 Bolm Road, Austin, Texas 78721

Parking is available (see map for details) Please do not park in the front of the store. See the yellow highlighted areas for options. Do not park where the X is on the map.

When signing in to an OSHA class you will be asked to show a photo ID.
We will ask this before attending the class-room, please bring you photo ID with you. 

Click on TSA Acceptable Documentation

  • Show your photo ID.



OSHA 30-Hour Construction Agenda (English Only)
A full course agenda for download available

In order to attend, the student must understand and communicate
in the language of the course.

Starting time is at 8:15 a.m. | Length of topics and break schedule may vary.

Day 1-5 Class Files Online View OR Print View

The student MUST bring these materials to the class | Either electronically (online view) by using your laptop, tablet, and/or Smartphone OR you must print the (Print View) out for the class.

Email questions or concerns to safetytraining@tdi.texas.gov.