Course Materials & Agenda:

OSHA 30-Hour Construction (English Only) | A full course agenda for download available

In order to attend, the student must understand and communicate
in the language of the course.

Starting time is at 8:00 a.m. | Length of topics and break schedule may vary.

The student MUST have these materials to begin the class

For your safety and to help us ensure that you are focused on training and the information that is provided, working or driving during this training session is prohibited.

Advanced registration is required due to limited class size. All participants are required to show a photo ID. A webcam and microphone are required to participate. It is mandatory for each participant to be at a stationary location using a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet which are the preferred devices for accessing the course.

A smart phone is highly discouraged from being used as some of the features of training may not be available. Additionally, these devices cannot be shared by multiple individuals. While attending training you are not allowed to be working, driving and/or on your phone while attending class. If you cannot comply, you will be dropped from the class. Please be sure you can connect from a reliable internet connection.


WEEK 1     Workbook

WEEK 2     Workbook